Proudly and Exclusively Servicing the Kroger Family

Category Management
With a dedicated focus on the customer, we can partner with you in developing innovation, planning launch strategies, managing broad or singular customer connectivity, all while efficiently navigating Kroger’s intricate processes.

Space Optimization
We are all challenged to do more with less; our team’s breadth and experience in understanding Kroger’s sophisticated space management processes and store layout plans puts you in a unique position. We can align your goals with the customer science needed to ensure your product is effectively merchandised at the shelf.

Insights & Analytics
From big data to a single price point, our teams know Kroger systems inside and out, while also carrying expertise in understanding customer behavior, analyzing syndicated data, communicating competitive activity, and recommending strategies in the best interest of your business and Kroger’s customers.

Forms, templates, portals, etc., we’ve got you covered. We know what needs to be submitted, how, and when. As Kroger’s business processes change, we understand the responsiveness needed to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Retail Services
We built our business on efficient and effective execution. Whether your need is driving sales and brand awareness through in-store continuity or managing best-in-class reset or surge work, our teams function with unparalleled responsiveness and visibility.

Relationship Management
At the end of the day, all business decisions need to be accompanied by trust. We have spent nearly thirty years developing a level of trust with Kroger that can only be cultivated by our level of dedication. Honesty, integrity, and dependability complement each and every relationship with our customer.


360 Merchandising Solutions was developed to focus on the strategic growth of our clients’ consumer products portfolio at Kroger – the nation’s largest grocery retailer. We work directly with the Kroger Category Managers & Procurement Managers to bring the highest quality grocery, frozen, dairy & non-foods brands to the shelf for consumers.

OUR Partners

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What Our Clients Say

We strive to measurably impact the sales of our client’s portfolio across The Kroger Enterprise.