Moment of Truth

For your product to sell, we make sure it is in the correct place at the right price.

We have hundreds in our retail force throughout the country that will go into stores on a daily basis to verify this for your products.


With our extensive retail force, we go into hundreds of stores on a daily basis to collect data customized just for you.


While our retail force is in the store, we will perform several actions to make sure your product is perfectly displayed to your specifications.


Need proof? We can provide store level photos of your products and displays for verification and presentation purposes.

In Stock Position

We use our retail force to improve the in stock position for your products in each store that we visit.

Merchandising Execution

With our custom built mobile application, we measure promotional compliance and execution so you know exactly where you stand, down to the store level.

About Us

Since 1989, our parent company (P.L. Marketing) has been providing unmatched service and insight to our clients and their consumers. We have earned the trust of over 350 suppliers, helping to merchandise over 6,000 of their items in more than 1,300 grocery stores across the Midwest and South.

We strive to measurably impact the sales of our client’s portfolio across The Kroger Enterprise.